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What is MaxCentive?

MaxCentive is a blockchain-based platform designed to simplify and optimize the tasks of administering, calculating and paying out of commissions, loyalty, and other incentive compensation to employees and partners.

MaxCentive is a subscription SaaS platform which offers a single pane of glass and deep AI-based analytics to create a near real-time environment to communicate, personalize and motivate all recipients in the most efficient, accurate, simple, secure, and appropriate manner possible.


What makes Maxcentive special and why use it?

Increase Sales Performance

- Pay faster and more accurately.

- Create micro-motivations to close more sales.

- Create more personalized and meaningful relationships.

Reduce Cost

- Decreased administrative time and effort

-Outsource repetitive and non-strategic tasks

- Reduce errors and overpayments

Attract more partners

- Decreased administrative time and effort

- Offer more timely and accurate payouts

- Provide more personalized and relevant incentives and offers

Simplify operations

- Single view of all payouts

- Integrated and dynamic supply chain

- Easily configure complex commission scenarios

- Offer easy to use self-service portals


- Track results and make more data-informed decisions

- Personalized offerings

- Compare results internally and with the MaxCentive community

Improve Management, Compliance & Reporting

- Comprehensive, secure, compliant and auditable

- Integrating with accounting platforms

- Create historical audit trail of all transactions

Solutions Details

One stop shop for Commission, Loyalty, Payments

MaxCentive offers comprehensive functionality for all your Commission, Loyalty and Payments needs. It is also integrated with relevant 3rd party service providers such as ACH Bank Payments, QuickBooks, Loyalty Store, Email/SMS gateways etc.

Fast and Flexible!

The MaxCentive platform enables an unparalleled 360-degree view and end-to-end visibility for optimizing messaging and user experience for direct-to-partner, and partner-to-partner relationships through imbedded machine learning and analytics functionality.

Making it decentralized and fast for to keep it secure!

MaxCentive is a rule-based software that enables Organizations to build unique plans that are optimized for their success. MaxCentive handles the most complex plans and lets its Customers specify custom rules that can include - any formulas, logic, and exceptions. If the Customer don't want to custom-build these rules, they can select from a predefined rules templates.

Smart & Secure!

With it's easy-to-use website and automated processes, MaxCentive offers a smart solution for an Organization's commission, loyalty and payments needs. Digital Security is a core pillar on which MaxCentive has been built. All MaxCentive traffic and data is encrypted and secured end-to-end. MaxCentive adheres to all the relevant security frameworks and standards such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA.

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