1. What is the main functionality offered by MaxCentive?

A: MaxCentive is a commission, loyalty, & payments platform based on modern technology with a focus on gig workers and the independent sales channel. The platform provides a standardized rules-based processing and settlement engine that provides a 360-degree real-time view of total compensation and incentives paid to partners and indirect sales representatives. The artificial intelligence engine provides the recipients Users with personalized offers and virtual services such as gift cards, multiple payment options (ACH, Check), business and collateralized loans, loyalty rewards & redemption. The platform will provide detailed reporting and analytics on all usage through a personalized dashboard.

2. What kind of an Organization can use MaxCentive?

A: MaxCentive is designed to be used by Organizations of different shapes and sizes. It caters to every Organization from one-man band to a company of thousands and everybody in between. Since MaxCentive is a SaaS application, it is ideal for any business that wants to focus on its core business and not worry about managing the complex and cumbersome process of managing commissions, disbursing payments accurately and timely. MaxCentive also helps Organizations who want to reward their partners for their loyalty and provide them with personalized insights designed to maximize their business performance. The core audience of MaxCentive are Organizations that either pay commission or earn commission or do both. An organization may pay commission to an internal or external sales force, for selling their products or that of a partner. Similarly, an organization may earn commission for having sold products or services of some supplier or distributor. This means that MaxCentive can be used by any Distributor, Manufacturer, Agency, VAR, ISV and any such entity that works with commissions.

3. Is MaxCentive available only in the SaaS version or can I host it in my own environment?

A: MaxCentive is offered as a SaaS platform. However, we understand that some Organizations may need a hosted version due to their security or compliance compulsions. We can offer MaxCentive as a hosted platform that’s compliant with your Organization’s requirements. If you want to have a conversation around the hosted model for MaxCentive, please do get in touch!

4. Is it possible for the roles in MaxCentive to be named after the titles in my organization?

A: MaxCentive is designed to be used by any type and size of Organization. Organizations that use MaxCentive can assign their own labels to all the application roles. It is possible to personalize MaxCentive to an Organization’s structure, roles and hierarchy.

5. Can I transfer my commissions to an external Bank account? If yes, what payment modes are supported?

A: Yes. A transfer can be made to an external account via ACH or Check. MaxCentive has integrations with several different ACH providers. If you have your own preferred ACH provider, MaxCentive can easily integrate with that.

6. Is bill pay an option through MaxCentive?

A: It is in the works and we are planning to offer a range of bill pay services through MaxCentive later this year. Members will have the ability to create new payees as well as save payees for future convenience.

7. I have questions about my account, who can I contact?

A: Raise a trouble ticket from your MaxCentive account and someone from the MaxCentive team will look and help you with your concern.

8. How can I make changes to my personal information? Example: change of address

A: MaxCentive Users are fully in control of their information and will be able to manage it through their Profile screen.

9. What security measures does MaxCentive take?

A: Security is one of the core pillars of MaxCentive. All the traffic in and out of MaxCentive is encrypted and secured end-to-end. MaxCentive complies with all the relevant security frameworks and standards such as dual-authentication, PCI-DSS, etc.